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Meet bLAIR

If there is one thing that has been a constant in my life, it's my love for all things health and wellness. Whether it's physical, mental or spiritual health, exploring and discovering what "health" and "wellness" meant to me has always been in the forefront of my priorities. Not saying that I've always gotten it right. I have tried countless diets and workout plans; I've read many books and listened to numerous podcasts; I've learnt about different religions and meditative practices. Even throughout medical school, I was particularly drawn to preventative medicine because it focuses on putting health, and the state of a person's quality of life, in the patient's hands.


Being from The Bahamas and working in the Caribbean also gave me an appreciation for "cultural health norms"; the impact of a person's environment (their neighborhood, home and work life); as well as the importance of understanding alternative medical practices even as a "traditional" doctor. The desire to share my knowledge and to learn more, drove me to start a health and wellness magazine called, LAUDE (which means to honor). I also felt that I shouldn't just talk or educate but also provide the means to do better. This is how Island Health & Wellness Ltd. evolved. I have taken the time to research and seek out different hard to find, high quality and custom-made products that I believe can help my customers achieve their own personal health and wellness goals.

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